ESG in the Age of Coronavirus: 
Using the COVID-19 Dataset to Uncover New Insights

Duration: 30 minutes 

The Coronavirus pandemic is upending global models, forecasts, and expectations across a variety of dimensions. Indeed, Truvalue Labs’ AI engine has seen an unprecedented surge of information across material categories since the outset of the crisis.

In this time of immense disruption, an ESG lens provides investors with the ability to assess the commitment of firms to positive social outcomes, as well as gain insight into the quality of governance by management teams.

Join Truvalue Labs to walk through key highlights of the newly-launched Coronavirus ESG Monitor and explore the following:

    • Truvalue Labs' new COVID-19 signal and five sub-signals that cover the following topics: 1) social impact; 2) labor; 3) supply chain; 4) response; and 5) economy.
    • How the Coronavirus pandemic functions as an extraordinary example of material ESG factors changing over time (in this case, with extreme rapidity) and what that means for your analysis.
    • In the context of the pandemic, what topics are most relevant for company, industry, and sector analysis. 

Andre Shepley

Director of ESG Research
Truvalue Labs