Recorded Webinar

Find the signal in the ESG noise with SASB’s codified standards

Duration: 60 minutes 

SASB's codified standards were developed with thousands of corporate and investor participants to create a transparent and market-informed view of the ESG information most likely to be material, industry by industry. As a result, investors are deploying a variety of strategies using the SASB standards to find signals in the noise.

In this recorded webinar we :

  • Shared how SASB’s latest standards were created, how they are market-informed and see examples of how they cut through the firehose ESG information, and how the investment community is using them
  • Demonstrated how AI-based ESG data & analytics products can help organizations gain deeper insight into SASB’s codified standards with a timely, transparent, objective approach

Watch SASB’s Nicolai Lundy and Truvalue Labs’ Eli Reisman's educational recorded webinar by submitting the form now.


More about our speakers

Nicolai Lundy is the Director of Education and Partnerships at SASB, where he identifies opportunities for professionals in finance, investment analysis, and sustainability to benefit from SASB’s research on material ESG factors across 77 industries.  

In doing so, he oversees SASB’s membership, conference, and education programs as well as licensing and the SASB Navigator. Before joining SASB in 2013, Nicolai had business development and operations roles in the private sector and higher education. He holds a BA from Emory University.



Eli Reisman is the Director of Product Management at Truvalue Labs, responsible for the company's core product offerings. Before joining TruValue Labs, Eli worked as the Director of Partnerships at SASB where he managed the licensing and integration of SASB's framework within SASB partner's products.  

Additionally, Eli also managed the development of SASB's internal products, including the SASB Navigator, the company's first web based research library. Prior to SASB, Eli spent six years at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Eli holds a Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Environmental Policy from Occidental College and earned his MBA from George Washington University.