Harvard Study Finds Alpha using  TruValue Labs' ESG Data

AI-generated ESG data plus traditional ratings led to 4-5% alpha annually

Serafeimstudythumbnail2In this working paper, "Public Sentiment and the Price of Corporate Sustainability,"  by Dr. George Serafeim, Professor at Harvard Business School, public sentiment momentum about a firm’s sustainability activities has significant implications for both the valuation of corporate sustainability activities and performance of portfolios that seek alignment with better ESG performance.

This paper is a first attempt at understanding the role of public sentiment in how markets value corporate sustainability activities using TruValue Labs' ESG data combined with MSCI ESG ratings.

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Source: Serafeim, George, Public Sentiment and the Price of Corporate Sustainability (October 12, 2018). Harvard Business School Accounting & Management Unit Working Paper No. 19-044. Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3265502